Sunday, 13 January 2013

Progress report


Judges are a pain.  Their gloves and pads and boots and belts are fiddly to paint.

Still, I am getting there.  I painted gloves, pads, boots and belts this morning and helmets this evening.  I still need to edge the helmets in red, do the visors and and paint the yellow shoulder pads.  The girls need their hair doing too.

Why do female judges not wear helmets?  I guess they don't like having hat hair.

Then I have to tidy them up.  I am a messy painter, so I have to tidy up where I haven't quite kept in between the lines.

Meanwhile the lawmaster is black.  I should have undercoated it black, but I did it white.  That was a Doh! moment.

Job hunting:

I have an interview.  It is for a Project Co-ordinator for a double glazing company.   This is my first interview in months.  Wish me luck.

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