Sunday, 13 January 2013

Apes vs Robots

As promised, details of our Apes vs Robots games.

Game 1 was a head to head fight. The Gorilla with a katana was very, very nasty. Ultimately it came down to the combat droid vs the orang utang. A figure with +3 agility in cover is damn hard to kill. Almost as hard as a robot with 7+ armour in cover.

Gorilla attacks robots.  Oil and machine parts fly!

The second game was the Mall. While the combat droid was at the mall shopping for new treads, an orang utang decided to insult it. Then there was shooting and carnage.

Ken the combat droid goes shopping.

"Oi Rusty!" shouts the Orang Utang.  Carnage follows.

While the robodogs kept the apes at bay, the robots evacuated the mall, killing a pair of gorillas on the way. The orang utang was left alone in his tower, wondering what had happened to his friends.

We even had time for a third game, so tried out the demolition scenario.  Bad rolling on the part of the apes meant that the robots could destroy the apes' tower with ease.

Final tally: robots 3, apes nil.

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