Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Depression strikes

So its been over a week since my last post. That was New Year's Day - so happy new year!

I have been pretty depressed.  I haven't blogged, I haven't painted, I haven't done as much job searching as I should have.  I have slept a lot.  Surfed the web a bit.

This was pretty mild depression.  I have had a day or two of feeling down since redundancy loomed.  I suffered really bad depression years ago and this is nothing like that.

Things are better now. I applied for three jobs on Monday - even had a call back from an agency about one.  Which is the most positive thing that has happened on the job front in months.  I did a little bit of painting on Sunday night.

It is the local games clubs first session of the year tonight. I have a game of Judge Dredd - my robots vs an ape gang.  Expect a few pictures.

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