Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day of the Robodogs

We played the Judge Dredd miniature game today.  When the Sovs promised that all worker robots would become equal citizens of conquered Mega City, my robot gang joined with their Sov allies to help crush Mega City resistance.

The Resistance


Ruins of Mega City

The game began with me sending my robodogs after a Citidef guy on his own. They were  getting close, only for him to run out of ammo! So they turned their attention to the Judge who had come to assist. After several attacks, the dogs finally triumphed.

Robodogs attack!

We have a Judge down!

Ready to pounce.

Another one bites the dust!

Robots advance

Resistance fighter takes cover

While the rest of the robots were felled by the flamethrowers and spit guns of the resistance, the dogs went on an unstoppable rampage, apparently impervious to bullets. Finally, it came down to two dogs vs a resistance sniper in a tower. The sniper finished them off as they charged toeards him. Result - resistance won, with one surviving punk and one citidef guy out of ammo.

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